Bell Jar & Base

Bell Jar & Base

Bell Jar & Base

Description: A borosilicate glass domed top bell jar approx 350mm overall height x 300mm ID sits in a Nitrile ‘L’ seal on to a machined aluminium base plate.

Vacuum connection is made via a lever valve and 6mm hose nipple together with a 63mm diameter vacuum indicator (0-1000 m/bar) and a vacuum release valve.

For operator safety a plastic or metal mesh guard is essential to place over the glass jar whilst under vacuum. These mesh guards are available.

Application include degassing of resins and plasters, plate drying, experimental work, demonstrations etc.

Advantages over the metal vacuum chamber include the all round visibility, easy access to your work piece and resistance to solvents

Price & delivery with Guard £950.00

Data Sheet - PDF

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