Pumps for Hire

Accessories Such as Oil Mist Filters Come Seperately
  • Edwards Drystar GV80 80CMH
  • Edwards E2M40 Rotary Vane Pump 40CMH
  • Edwards E2M40/EH250 Combination 250CMH
  • Edwards E2M80 Rotary Vane Pump 80CMH
  • Edwards E2M80/EH500 Combination 400CMH
  • Leybold E150 Rotary Piston Pump 170CMH

If you wish to hire equipment that we have not listed, for example Diff Pumps, please contact our sales team.

If your process is an aggressive one it is important to inform us at the point of enquiry.

Any damage due to misuse will be at the hirers expense so it is advisable for you to tell us the intended use so that we can also supply accessories such as Inlet Filters if they are necessary.


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