Valves and Accessories

Vacuum Valves section:-
                We have a wide selection of vacuum valves on various flanges such as follows;

Gate valves , Butterfly valves , Pipeline valves , Ball lever valves , Needle valves , just to name a few types.    Manufacturers of these items include VAT , Balzers , MKS , Leybold , HVA , Edwards , CVT and other less well known manufacturers.    These are either manual, electrical or pneumatic operation.

The General Vacuum Accessories section:-
                These includes Vacuum Dial gauges , Mass Flow Controllers , Vacuum Switches and other more general items.

The Vacuum Fittings section:-
                These are items like Flexible Stainless Steel Pipework , Bore Diameter Adapters , Connection Seals , Connection Clamps , Brass Fittings and Iron Fittings

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