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Your ISO 9001 Vacuum Equipment Supplier

 Refurbished and Rebuilt

We carry a comprehensive range of refurbished and rebuilt vacuum pumps and associated equipment, manufactured by all leading manufacturers including BOC Edwards, Leybold, CTI, Busch, Alcatel, Varian, Kinney, Stokes, Ebara as well as others.

Typical range of high vacuum equipment for resale includes: Oil sealed direct drive vacuum pumps, Oil sealed belt drive vacuum pumps, Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Claw Dry Vacuum Pumps,  Roots Blowers, Diffusion vacuum Pumps, Cryogenic vacuum  Pumps, Turbo molecular vacuum Pumps.

We also supply consumables such as Vacuum Pump Oil and various spares and vacuum Fixtures and Fittings.

All fully reconditioned vacuum pumps come complete  with connection fittings and manuals.

Refurbished pumps are all fully rebuilt to ISO9001 standards and are covered by warranty.

 Factory Clearances 

We undertake factory clearances for the Vacuum Industry, Semi-conductor Industry and General Engineering Industry.

Given a concise list of equipment offers can be made on individual items or as a single lot.

Transport of all equipment from site can be organised by us.

 Vacuum Pump Servicing

As well as supplying a full range of refurbished and rebuilt vacuum pumps we also carry out full decontamination, servicing and repair all types of vacuum pumps, that includes Dry Pumps , Mechanical Boosters (Roots blower), Rotary Vane vacuum pumps, Rotary Piston vacuum pumps, Direct Drive Rotary pumps, Diffusion pumps and Turbo pumps.

All vacuum pump servicing will include strip down and full clean/decontamination. Full inspection of all components. The vacuum pumps are then fully rebuilt with all consumable spares replaced. The vacuum pumps are then fully run and tested before being resprayed prior to packing and returning to the customer.

 Pumps for Hire

We have available various types of vacuum pumps for  hire which include Edwards Dry pumps, larger models  of oil sealed rotary pumps both direct and belt drive,  mechanical boosters and larger diffusion pumps.

If you are interested in hiring a pump please  contact our sales department for details and prices.

Vacuum Gauges & Controllers

We also undertake servicing and calibration of vacuum gauge sensors and vacuum controllers as well as supplying reconditioned vacuum controls and sensors.

Dry Pumps & Mechanical Boosters

We overhaul, service and repair Dry Vacuum Pumps as well as supplying fully reconditioned Dry pumps.

A full pump service includes full strip down, clean and decontamination, full inspection of all parts. The dry pumps are then rebuilt with all consumable spares being replaced ie Seal, 'O'rings, Bearings etc.. (all sleeves and claws will be re-coated with Teflon as needed on Edwards QDP, Edwards iQDP and Edwards GV series).

Fully rebuilt Dry Pumps are then run, resprayed and tested for leak integrity and performance prior to packing and return to customer.

All serviced pumps covered by warranty and rebuilt to ISO9001 standards.

Dry Pumps

Vacuum Degassing Chambers and Vacuum Units

We design, build and stock a wide range of Vacuum Degassing/De-airating units for removing air bubbles from materials such as RTV silicone, casting plasters and casting resins used in casting and encapsulating.

Our range of vacuum degassing chambers includes both Cylindrical Chambers and Box Chambers. Chambers can also be designed and built to customers’ requirements and specifications. All vacuum degassing chambers can be supplied with either new or refurbished vacuum pumps.

We also manufacture vacuum unit systems, such as Turbomolecular Units and Diffusion Units.

Various Vacuum Chambers

The units shown above are examples of units that we have built to fit customer requirements. {Vacuum mixer , Diffusion Unit System , Vacuum Inspection Test Chamber}

Island Scientific Limited occupies Workshop and Warehouse of 10,000 sq ft on our freehold site of ½ acre on the Industrial Estate at Ventnor.


Holding the largest stock of used vacuum equipment in the UK, we supply world wide Reconditioned Rotary Pumps, Diffusion Pumps, Coaters, Degassing and Casting Systems components, spares and service.

Service & Repair

All to ISO 9001. Island Scientific will arrange collection of your vacuum pumps from your works and re-delivery when completed.


Decontamination takes place in our top of the range washing/drying machine to safely remove toxic chemicals (from the semiconductor industry etc).


Disposal of all Toxic compounds removed from your pump by a licensed contractor. This fulfilling your legal responsibility for Toxic compounds produced in your works.

Deal Direct with Island Scientific Ltd

Avoid delays and costs incurred by middlemen.

Sales Support Facilities

To support our Sales and Service facilities, we have a comprehensive machine shop with facilicies for:-

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding - Surface
  • Grinding - Cylindrical

Sheet Metal Shop

Mig, Stick and Tig welding. Cut, bend and roll sheet metal and general fabrication.

Paint Shop

To clean, spray and stove enamel in popular hammer finish or matching makers original colours.

Spares and Accessories

We hold comprehensive stocks of gaskets, seals, spare parts, electric motors and bearings for repair or replacement as needed, for most popular makes and models of vacuum pump,

Design & Manufacture

To ISO 9001 of vacuum degassing and casting systems, widely used throughout the electronics and art castings industries.


Vacuum equipment is securely packed in packing crates made to meet current regulations for shipment via World Wide carriers by sea, air or the Tunnel.

UK Deliveries

By overnight carrier to be with you within 24 hours of despatch.


Taken by telephone, fax, E-Mail, letter or even in person - why not take time out to visit us.

Tel: +44 (0) 1983 855822 ; Fax: +44 (0) 1983 852146


Our technical staff are always pleased to discuss your requirements and advise you accordingly.

Payment : By cheque, cash, VISA or ACCESS.

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