Warranty Information



Reconditioned Equipment

Reconditioned equipment supplied by us is secondhand equipment which has been restored as needed to proper or adequate condition suitable for the purpose, as explained to us by the purchaser, prior to making the purchase, for which it was intended. Each reconditioned item will be guaranteed to be in proper working order and supplied together with necessary coupling, nuts, bolts and washers ready for use. Each item will have been cleaned, repainted or replated as appropriate. As far as possible printed data and instruction notes will be included. Each item will be labelled and packed as needed for safe shipment to the purchaser.

Repair / Replacement

If, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to repair any item returned under warranty and agreed by us acceptable to be repaired or replaced without charge, then we reserve the right to replace the said faulty item with another of different manufacture and/or model type but equivalent in performance.

Health & Safety

All items sent or returned to us for any reason whatsoever must be preceded by a suppliers certificate of safety, sent by fax or first class post. A copy of which must be also attached to the goods. This document (a draft guide is available from us on request) must certify that each an every item so sent to us is clean and free from all hazardous materials as required by Section 3 of Health & Safety at Work Act. This certificate must be signed and dated by a responsible person whose full name and company department is clearly printed thereon. Goods returned to us without such certificate are liable to be NOT accepted by us. As sender, you may then incur extra charges by the carriers or the goods may become lost.

Warranty Condition - For Operation and Use

All equipment must be properly installed, maintained and regularly serviced according to the needs of the equipment and the work required for it. When making a warranty claim, you are advised to send us signed copies of the records of service and maintenance carried out since purchase, e.g., in the case of vacuum pumps, regular oil changes must have been carried out.

Warranty Exclusions

1) Vacuum Pumps used with a degassing outfit (capable of about 2 millibar vacuum) must have a dust or dirt cartridge filter fitted.

2) Damaged caused by customers mis-use e.g., solid objects, dust dirt, resin, solvents or any other solid matter entering the pump.

3) Failure to change pump oil at necessary intervals, depending upon the use to which the pump is put.

4) Pumping corrosive chemical vapours which corrode the inside or gel the oil. (Normally Fomblin filled vacuum pumps are required).

5) This warranty does not cover electric motors, as no warranty is given by the suppliers. We suggest all electric motors are fitted with an Overload Protection Starter and installed by a qualified electrician.

Note: some of our secondhand items are sold strictly as seen, tried and approved without warranty. If payment for goods is not made in full by cas or cleared cheques according to the agreed terms as stated on our invoice, then all and every warranty offered by us ceases to be valid.

Meaning of Terms used in these Conditions of Sale

AReconditioned@ See Clause 1. The term Recon in our list is an abbreviation for Reconditioned.

AAs Seen@ Equipment whose internal condition is unknown to us or known to need attention and from its general external appearance to require work and replacement parts before it is likely to be useable. Such items are intended for purchasers to rebuild or use for spare parts, and are priced accordingly.

AUnused@ Equipment which is, secondhand in that we did not purchase same directly from the original manufacturers. However, from the general appearance, packing and condition of such equipment it appears to us that it has not been used. Usually redundant or old stock.

ASecondhand@ Equipment which has been in use by one or more previous users prior to our purchasing same for resale. Such equipment will be believed by us to be in useable condition or capable of being put into useable condition upon installation.

AP.C.D@ Pitch Circle Diameter. Applies to the circle upon which the geometric centres of a circle of holes lie.

APneumatic@ Operated by compressed air, supply of which will be needed to use the equipment.

ADefective@ Equipment has an obvious fault, details of the fault can be supplied on request.

AMake@ The name of a manufacturer or distributor as stated on the equipment label and nameplate.

ANew@ Products of our own manufacture or manufactured for us under our own brand label, also described as (Brand New). New product.

AGood Working Order@ Secondhand equipment given a general service and examination and sold in clean useable condition with limited warranty. Where no description is provided then it is available by fax, telephone or letter.

AAs Seen, Tried & Approved This term is used to remind purchases that they will purchase the particular item (or have purchased already) with all its faults.

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