New Products/Developments

Bell Jar & Base



Description: A borosilicate glass domed top bell jar approx 350mm overall height x 300mm ID sits in a Nitrile ‘L’ seal on to a machined aluminium base plate.


Vacuum connection is made via a lever valve and 6mm hose nipple together with a 63mm diameter vacuum indicator (0-1000 m/bar) and a vacuum release valve.


For operator safety a plastic or metal mesh guard is essential to place over the glass jar whilst under vacuum.


Application include degassing of resins and plasters, plate drying, experimental work, demonstrations etc.


Advantages over the metal vacuum chamber include the all round visibility, easy access to your work piece and resistance to solvents



New Vacuum Mixer


Island Scientific’s new Vacuum Mixer enables materials such as Casting Plaster, Resin and RTV Silicone to be mixed while under vacuum, giving a bubble free mixed material

 Mixer head incorporates mixing blades and side paddles for sweeping the mixing bowl
The mixing motor can be supplied to run on 240Volt
or 115Volt, 50Hz supply.

The standard unit has a vacuum chamber 610 mm diameter x 460 mm tall supported on 3 legs. The plastic mixing bowl is fixed in position to avoid it rotating while the mixer is in use and is then easily unclipped for removal.

The chamber lid is fitted with lifting eyes so that a mechanical lifting mechanism can be used to lift the lid with mixer head off of the chamber after use and for cleaning.

The mixing head is fitted to the rotary shaft by a quick releasing clip so easily removed for cleaning. Lid fitted with viewing port and integrated light.

Vacuum mixer unit based on 610mm x 460mm chamber complete with mixing head and tub. Tub capacity 50Kg (approximate depending upon the actual material being processed), rotation speed 55RPM  £5,700.00

New or reconditioned vacuum pumps are also available to suit this equipments requirements.

For example; reconditioned 40CMH vacuum pump which will evacuate the chamber to 10m/bar in 60 seconds. Complete with Inlet Filter (single or 3 phase available)  £2,580.00

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