Illustrated Catalogue - Square & Custom Built Vacuum Chambers

Degassing Catalogue - Square & Custom Built Chambers

Island Scientific also custom build de-gassing chambers to customer specifications.
  • Cylindrical up to 1000mm Diameter x 2000mm Height
  • Square up to 1 metre cube.
  • Larger sizes can be designed and built.



Cylindrical Chamber set up with power and thermocouple Feedthrough, used for altitude test of lights.




Rectangular vacuum chamber 600mm Long, 450mm Wide, 450mm Height. Complete with clear lid and controls.




Top Loading lift off lid with View Port, 900mm long x 600mm wide x 300mm deep.


Custom Built to customers specification.

800mm cube. Chamber accessories include Turntable, Pouring Arm, Light, Electrical Leadthroughs

Small Square Vacuum Chamber.

Internal Dimensions: Length 600mm, Depth 300mm, Width 450mm.

View Port in top and lift off lid.


Vacuum Chamber with front door opening hinged door, handle and securing catches. 1.8M tall x 1.2M wide x 1.2M deep

305 mm diameter toughened glass viewing port in door.

Viewing port 75 mm diameter and light mounted in the centre of the top

Chamber painted White inside, blue outside

0-1000 m/bar Vacuum Gauge

Price On Application

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