Collection and Delivery

Collection & Delivery

If you would like your pump serviced we would ask you to perform the following before despatch.

  • If the pump is operative. Run pump with gas ballast open and Nitrogen or air supply to inlet port for 12-24 hours exhausting to appropriate handling system or,
  • If the pump is seized. Flush pump with Nitrogen or air via inlet port for 12-24 hours exhausting to appropriate handling systems.


  • a) Drain all oils / fluids.
  • b) Flush pump again with Nitrogen or air via inlet port 12-24 hours, exhausting as before.
  • c) Remove all accessories and if they require servicing, seal them in heavy duty polythene bags and tie to pump.
  • d) Remove inlet and outlet oil mist filters. all filter elements must be removed and disposed of by you as contaminated waste.
  • e) Seal all pump inlet and outlet ports with suitable leak tight blanking covers.
  • f) Seal pumps and accessories in heavy duty polythene bags and strap securely to a suitable pallet, or put in boxes.
  • g) Label pallet in accordance with current Packaging and Labelling of Dangerous substances Regulations 1984 (SI 1984 No. 1244 rev. 1991) if applicable.
  • h) Use Health & Safety Form IS(F)6B (attached to this document) to advise about the pump and the carrier being used. This form should be sent by fax or post to arrive before the pump and a legible copy should be attached to the pump.
  • i) The carrier must be informed if the cargo is contaminated. It is recommended that contaminated pumps should only be transported in vehicles with a driving compartment separated from the cargo area. We can supply suitable packaging for the pumps if we arrange collection.

Please note that failure to comply with this check list may lead to delays in servicing the equipment. Island Scientific Ltd reserves the right to refuse the service of any pump.

Vacuum Pump Decontamination and Service / Report

On arrival the pump will be decontaminated (if required), stripped and inspected. If any additional work is required beyond that of our standard service, a quotation detailing the cost will be faxed to you. Please respond to this quotation within 24 hours, otherwise a delay in servicing will result. Should we advise that the pump is beyond economic repair, you will only be charged for the decontamination where carried out. If no additional work is necessary, the standard service will be continued.

  • After reassembly and testing, the pump will be returned to you or you will be notified that it is ready for collection.
  • Pumps are normally returned drained of oils / fluids.
  • If any damage has occurred in transit, it is important that you inform both the carrier and Island Scientific within 3 days of delivery.
  • We can arrange collection via our own carriers once the pump is ready for collection, call our office and we will arrange for the pump to be collected.

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