Health and Safety Forms

Health & Safety - Pump Servicing


1) This applies to anything sent to us for Sale, Repair/Service/Overhaul or any other purpose.

2) Equipment, vacuum pumps etc., upon which our engineers are asked to work on at customers premises.

Any vacuum pump or other equipment must be sent to us :-

a) Drained of old oil and fluids.

b) All filter elements and cartridges are removed and disposed of and,

c) Superficially cleaned sufficient for safe handling by carriers and transport or securely packed in a polythene bag which is in turn boxed, or on a pallet.

d) Inlet and exhaust ports securely taped.

The Health & Safety Form IS(F)6B, downloadable by clicking this link must be completed by a responsible person or director.

Customer equipment will NOT be accepted at our works NOR will our engineer touch any equipment at customers premises until:

1) A copy of this form IS(F)6B. has been fully completed and signed.

2) Island Scientific Ltd have agreed to carry out such work or examination as is required.


The information in this document is offered in good faith and is based on our general experience. The method of use of Island Scientific Ltd., equipment and materials are outside our control, the responsibility to ensure that the equipment is properly used and suitable for intended application rests with the user. No responsibility will be accepted by this company nor any person or other company associated with this document for loss or consequential losses as a result of the use of this information.

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